17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have stopped taking tabs folinol frm month. Cos whnever I take tht tab,vomit starts more n more... is tht k to stop r shud I take folic acid regularly

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Answer: Hi dear, Usually folic acid suppliments are important till first three months.post that calcium and iron supplements starts and you may wish to stop taking it.as the main brain development is done in first three months.folic acid plays important rol.
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    geeth anjali63 days ago

    Still my Dr not given calcium tabs. She told to continue ths month n come for routine check up

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Question: From today i started to take calcium n vitamin tablet so i have to stop taking folic acid tablet?
Answer: Hello No dear yu need to continue with folic acid Along with iron supplements. And calcium yu need to take seperately. Like if yu taking calcium post yur breakfast then take folic n iron before bedtime. Calicum n iron do not mix. Folic is very important in pregnancy as it helps growth of baby brain. Take care
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Question: Taking folic acid 5mg tab daily.My doc has advise to take daily iron and calcium tab as i am now 14 weeks pregnant.My query is that the iron tab contains 1.5mg folic acid,so should i take folic acid separately
Answer: No need of separate folic acid intakes. As the iron table contains folic acid itself. You may concern with your doctor.
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Question: Hi all. Im in my 6th month. I stopped taking folic acid tablets in my 5th month. Is it ok if i stop taking or should i use trough out the pregnancy. My doctir said to stop taking.. please suggest
Answer: Hai Mam, some times I will feel like gastric bubbles. Is it the movement of the baby or because of acidity problems....
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