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Question: I have stones in my gallbladder....now should I do...is my safe during gallstones in pregnancy

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Answer: Hi dear, This needs to be consulted with doctor.as doing a stone removal through surgery might not be safe in pregnancy.how big the stones are whether it could wait till your delivery, everything needs to be examined thoroughly and decided.so please go by what your doctor say.
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    Archana Yadav192 days ago

    I consult my dr. & c advised me surgery but now I'm worried about is surgery safe during pregnancy

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Question: I have gallbladder stones 11 mm .can i take pregnancy with these gallbladder stones . what to do earlier operation or pregnancy?? please suggest.
Answer: Hello dear. It would be suggested to get the stones treatment done first as usually with stones the pregnancy could be painful. It doesn't affect the fertility though but yes it may make it painfil for you once you conceive. Hope it helps.
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Question: Anyone can experience gallstones in gallbladder during pregnancy and after delivery..?
Answer: Hello ma'am If you r experiences abdomen pain than plz do consult your doctor Take care
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Question: after delivery i have stones in gallbladder please suggest home remedies to cure gallbladder stone
Answer: Hi for gallbladder stones the only remedy is surgery so you should better consult to the doctor and plan for a surgery whenever it is safe for you
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Question: My baby had kidney stone 3.8 mm and gallbladder stones what should i do .
Answer: Hi Dear, Kidney stones will form due to any medication for babies may forms solid crystals . It will be more complicate for babies this will causes urine infections. Immediately consult doctor fir treatment. Gall bladder stones are due to concentrated bile juice from the liver and form stones. If stones are in small size they can remove through medication.
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