6 months old baby

Question: I have started solids for my baby, i gave her banana, carrot puree but she is having loose motions should i stop giving her solids..?

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Answer: No no u just started know may be due to that .if u want stop for 2 days n c.also start the home made cerelac too
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    Kokkirala Neeraja740 days ago

    Thank you Himabindu

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Question: Hi my baby is 4 months old... Shall i start solids like banana.... Because i feel breast milk is not sufficient for her.. AND also she is showing signs for food
Answer: No only after completion of 180 days you should offer milk , please try to increase breastmilk supply by having garlic and fenugreek more and if the urine count is 6+ and baby is active your breastmilk is actually sufficient do not doubt on your supply unwantedly empty breasts doesn't mean there is no milk actually empty breasts produce more nutritious milk , if you want ask paediatrician for formula milk and don't give solids if you start solids now milk supply will be even more reduced? At this covid time bm provides immunity to baby so feed until one yeat
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Question: Can I give apple to my 7 months old baby who is suffering from loose motions?
Answer: Yes dear if you baby is suffering from a loose motion you can give steamed Apple or boiled Apple puree but not raw Apple. If Baby got loose motion after introducing any new food then stop giving that food for some days.
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Question: My baby was exclusively breastfeeding till now but I have stated giving cow's milk with water to my baby but she is not able to digest it. What should I do?
Answer: You should stop giving cows milk and if you dont want to breastfeed please ask your doctor to suggest formula , you can give formula milk until one year breastmilk or formula milk has to be given , even after one year you have to give very less amount of cow milk, breastmilk has to be given till 2 years
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