24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have started feeling my baby movements recently, yesterday evening i also feel the movement, but from yesterday night till todays morning cant feel anything,i am very tensed,plzhelp,is it normal

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Answer: Yes its normal..because now it just start so sumtime u feel n sumtime not ..later on u wll feel daily..
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Question: Am not able to feel the movement from yesterday. is it normal? i started feeling movements regularly from 18 weeks
Answer: Yes dear it is normal... Some time ur baby is less active in the womb... after week 28 uh feel regular movement of ur baby soo no need to worry.. And if ur having anterior placenta uh may feel difficult in recognizing ur baby movement..
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Question: I have already started feeling my baby's movements...but today I am not feeling movement..is there anything to worry?
Answer: Hi A little variation in baby movements is normal.A lot of factors affect it like your activity, if u are walking or lying down,baby sleeping,postion of the fetus,loud noise, bright light etc.But incase of a sudden increase or decrease in the movements you should keep your doctor informed. monitor the movements- usually 10 kicks in 12 hours is considered ok. consult your doctor for further details
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Question: Hallo doctor...i am very afraid.....i fill my baby movement....till at night...but i cant fill my baby movement...in the morning...is that normal
Answer: Hi As you are just 27 weeks we cant expect for frequent movements as baby is too small...if there is some.movement faily then thats fine after 30-32 weeks only you ll be able to feel frequent movements
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