8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have spotting for a week. Now in the pregnancy card check, one red line is dark and the second one is light.. is there any problem?

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Answer: Hi dear congratulations. U r pregnant. U should consult doctor now. The spotting is due to implantion of pregnancy.
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Question: Today moning i check my urine with a pregnancy test card... I get one dark line and 2nd line is slightly light...is it mean im not pregnant?
Answer: No it means ur hormone secretion has just started... It would get dark as days pass. Maybe you should have taken the pregnancy test a bit early... 40-45 days will give u accurate results. By the way congratulations Mom
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Question: In pregnancy kit I saw one dark red line and one very very light pink line .... Is this positive
Answer: It's partially positive you need to read do the test You need to wait for at least 10 to 14 days from the day you missed your period Take first urine sample to do test Pour it and if you see two lines you are pregnant One line not pregnant No lines repeat the test There are many home kits available All the best
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Question: I check in the kit ..it shows one dark and one light pink line
Answer: Hi dear, In pregnancy kit strip,one line Wil always be dark called reference line.the other line confirms your pregnancy. No matter how faint the line is ,you are pregnant the very appearance of the line . If you test early then the levels of pregnancy hormones are not raised much to give dark line . Spotting cannot confirm pregnancy. It could be implantation bleeding but cannot gaurentee.
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Question: My pregnancy card test shows One dark line and One light Pink line.. Is it positive or negative?
Answer: Hello dear. 1 pink line means you are pregnancy so congratulations. It means you are in early stages of pregnancy. If you would have taken the test after a week this line would be darker. Get ur beta hcg done to see the growth of your pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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