1 months old baby

Question: I have some white thing s coming out from stitches.. is there any problem

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Question: I have 2months baby i have c section some time s white discharge is coming any problem
Answer: Hi there there is no problem in white discharge after C section it is very common now if your white discharge has any greenish or yellowish tinge or if it has a foul smell then it could be an infection otherwise it is perfectly normal. Hope this helps!
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Question: White traces is coming out is there any problem
Answer: Hi, white traces you mean white discharge. Then it is completely normal and nothing to worry about. Having white discharge is common during the advanced stage of pregnancy. Hence please don't worry.
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Question: I am now 7 months carrying from past 2 days I have some white discharge coming out does it shows that any problem is there
Answer: Hi,white discharge is common during anytime of pregnancy it is called leuckhoreea and unless it turns yellow or is a bad odour which means there is infection
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