19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have sharp stinging pain in abdomen which lasts for few seconds. But happens several times a day. I am 18w pregnant. Is it normal?

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand how worried you must be now. Pains can be due to different reasons like gas problem, indigestion problem etc. Take cumin water with ghee and sugar added as it helps to reduce pain. Avoid spicy masala food. Drink more water and eat vegetables and fruits.If pain doesn't come down or you find any other symptoms Consult doctor Take care
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Question: I am about 8 weeks pregnant.... Due to my work I have to sit for long hours ... 6 to 7 hrs... For the past two days I am feeling prickling pain around d my uterus.... It lasts only for few seconds.... Is it normal...
Answer: It's normal during pregnancy .it is called as round ligament pain which causes ur uterus to expand don't worry . If the pain is severe then consult doctor
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Question: Hello dr.I m 5th month pragnant n i m suffering from vaginal pain anytime specially in morning time but for few seconds .plz tell me is it normal???
Answer: Yes sometimes it happen ...try to get up slowly as possible...
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Question: I am 5 weeks pregnant but their is pain in my stomach which lasts a few seconds but it is there.There is white watery diacharge also.kindly tell it is normal.
Answer: Hi, Mild lower abdominal pain is common in early pregnancy due to uterus begins to stretch muscles and tendons of pelvic organs.so sometimes it feels like cramps also.need not to worry.drink warm water and take paracetamol tablet if you have severe pain.if you have any excess white discharge with any foul smell or fever or burning sensation while passing urine please visit doctor once.take care
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