24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have sharp pain under one of my shoulder and going below the chest. .I feel this pain some times not whole day ..don't know the reason ...feel like something is stuck near chest ...Wat could this be ?

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Question: Some times i feel sharp pain in left side of my stomach. What will be the reason
Answer: Hi dear, As the pregnancy progresses ,you would experience lot of aches here and there. Nothing to panic much.these are all normal. Since the baby growth pushes most of your internal organs along with pelvic bones,various kinds of pain ranging from throbbing pain to pinching pain, streching pain. They are mostly normal. Increasing body weight stresses your back and also puts pressure on legs.you would experience back pain and leg cramps too.try to be active as much as possible.daily walks for atleast 20 min would be helpful.Also refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Question: Hi I have some quries I feel pain near the area of ovary what could be the reason ?
Answer: Hello Stomach pain cramps back aches are all normal during pregnancy it's due to ur baby Growing taking up all the space wch creates lots of pressure on ur stomach and the round ligament that supports ur baby are the reasons u feel the cramps or tight feeling. The uterus also puts pressure on ur pelvis and vaginal muscles is the reason u get back pains or cramps. Some women also get pain in their legs. The growing uterus puts alot of pressure on ur bladder as well that's the reason for ur frequent bathroom visits. U can use cold or hot compress. Use pillow between ur legs and behind ur back while sleeping. Take a warm bath. Massage lightly with coconut oil or olive oil.
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Question: Im in my 33weeks now and lately feel tight in the stomach...wat could be the reason? And also i feel some pain near the belly button is this also normal
Answer: If tightness continous for 2-3 hrs you have to consult doctor. As the belly grows feeling pain in belly button is normal
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