33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have severe headache on left side from yesterday.i can't sleep overnight.pls tel the reason for that and solution

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Answer: Hi check ur BP once as fluctuating BP is also one of the reason for headache if there is any change either low or high BP consult ur doc immediately
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Question: I can't sleep on left side ..can i sleep on right side ...ending of nine month...plz tel me..
Answer: In all trimesters of pregnancy ,it is advisable to sleep on the left side.It iimproves the circulation to the baby and ensures that enough oxygen and nutrients reach your baby.For better results,the knees should be bent and a pillow should be placed between both your knees so that there is no pressure on your back.Sleeping on the back may cause extra pressure on your back which could cause severe backache.
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Question: Severe headache on the left side
Answer: Hi dear Head ache causes due to lack of oxygen in you..drink water as much you can and relax yourself and take a bowl of warm water and keeo your foots in it as it helps to maintain oxygen supply in you and also relieves from stress.. And for loose motion take tender coconut and little amount of sweets..it ll control loose motion and dehydration
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Question: I can't even lie or sleep on my left side Because of back pain, what is the solution for that?
Answer: Do some hot compress on the back for pain relief. And always put pillow under your stomach for some support. That will make you comfortable.
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