21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have sever body pain and throat pain what should I do...plz tell ..can I take a pain killer tablet?..

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Answer: Hi, it is not recommended to have any pain killer at this stage. Try to have warm milk with turmeric and do gargle with Warm salt water. Also a warm bath also gives some relief. But if it becomes unbearable then consult the doctor and take plenty of rest and balanced meals and water.
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Question: hii iam 7 week pregnant i have ful body pains can i take pain killer tablet????
Answer: Don't take any medicine without consult your doctor.
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Question: hi I m 21 week pregnant.. I have a toothache problem what should I do? can I take pain killer?
Answer: Hello! Please do not take any pain killers without consulting your doctor. Do salt water gargle. Also apply little clove oil on a small piece of cotton and place it on the infected area. This also helps in tooth ache.
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Question: Ma'am I got sever body ache m 4week s now which pain killer I should take please suggest me
Answer: Hi sister I think pain killer was not preferable while u r pregnant Take enough rest If problem occurs continuously, consult ur gynocologist
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