4 months old baby

Question: I have removed wisdome tooth and i am on medicine enzoflam pan-D and ciplox and i have feed to baby as i have got instructions fr doc that not to feed the baby but my baby is not taking formula milk so i have to breastfeeding him and now his stool colour is green so is there anything to worry and shall i continue breastfeeding him please help me as he is not taking formula milk please suggest something. .

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Answer: Please consult your peadiatrician
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Question: I m giving tonned milk one tym in evening fr my baby is it ok ?? Becoz i m not getting enough milk to feed him nd he is not taking formula milk so
Answer: Hello The best way to increase breast milk is by feeding ur more and more dis induces a harmone that triggers more supply of milk. U can also eat methi leaves or seeds. Dil leaves or seeds. Oats or sooji kheer lots of ghee and diary products. U can also use breast pump to stimulate more. But best way is to feed ur baby sorry for repeating dis point cos it is the best Avoid gassy food like cabbage lots of dals. Use A mixture of cumin and fennel seeds with ghee 2 to 3 times a day. Ghee works best for increasing milk.
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Question: My baby boy is 5 months 20 days ..but my breastfeeding is not getting enough as he doesn't fulfil his hunger...and that's why i was giving him formula feed little..but since 2 days he is not taking formula feed... taking my feed only ..but my breastfeeding is not enough..so what can I do to feed him
Answer: Hello dear Galact granules is ayurvedic powder. Have this twice a day with milk.(2 teaspoons in a cup of milk). Consult your Gynocologist she may give some tablets for a couple of days to initiate lactation. In first few days very little amount of milk is enough for your baby so don't worry momma !! Latch him whenever he wants the more he sucks the more is the milk production.
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Question: Hello. I am having twins. My boy not taking formula feed. Mother milk is also not taking properly. How to feed formula to baby as another baby also asking breast milk. What shall I do? Please suggest me
Answer: Hiyou will have to maintain balance in feeding BM.to both the babies when it is twins If your baby is not taking fm than you should consult your Dr and change the fm and try that because sometimes the baby may deny due to dislike if it's taste.
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