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Question: I have pcod problem what kind of fruits and vegetables can i eat now i am 10th week pregnant pls anyone ans me

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Answer: Hi Dear! Usually cysts regresses in pregnancy and you need not maintain a diet unless ur Dr. has advised u shud hv anything and everything u want in moderate qty except pineapple and raw papaya other than that everything is safe but avoid junk, sweets, beverages, colas etc.. Have a happy & healthy pregnancy ahead.. Hope this helps!
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    Elizabeth Dhinesh739 days ago

    Thank u mam

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Question: I am 12 month pregnant. Pls guide me what kind of food fruits vegetables should i eat?
Answer: Hello dear, eat whatever you like to eat but don't eat papayas. Fruits like Apple, banana, chickoo, watermelon etc. are healthy options. Go for it. And most important thing is to stay happy. Wish you a happy pregnancy.
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Question: I have pcod problem what fruits vegetables i should eat now I am 9 week pregnant pls ans me
Answer: Everything you can. Only avoid those things which you can't tolerate
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Question: I am 2 months baby's mom.What kind of fruits and vegetables can I eat?
Answer: Hello The most crucial thing after having your baby is to take care of urself so u can take care of ur baby in the best way possible. For dis u have to sleep when ur baby is sleeping as sleep deprivation can cause tiredness and fatigue. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet dis will help u ease the constipation problem and will give ur breast milk good nutrient value. Add whole grains in your diet the complex carbohydrate make u feel full n help with milk productions. Stay hydrated every time u feed ur baby make sure u drink atleast half a litre of water. Lean protein like fish chicken and soy food. Include alot of dairy products like milk ghee butter cheese etc eat alot of leafy greens. Take ur vitamin tablets take alot of fruits with vitamin C it will help u heal ur delivery wounds n give your baby necessary immunity to combat cold. Hope I helped
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