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Question: I have post op odhesions. There is any chanches to get pregnancy

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Answer: Dear there are chance of pregnancy but its important to visit a gynaecologist and get a scan done to see if adhesions cause any problem in egg formation or uterus.. so dont worry your gynaecologist will guide you well about it after checking you...
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Question: I have hypothyroid.Is there any problem to get pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear. No there won't be any problem if the thyroid is controlled by medication. You need to consult a gynae and conceive under her guidance. Women with established hypothyroidism should have a TSH test once pregnancy is confirmed, as thyroid hormone requirements increase during pregnancy, often leading to the need to increase the levothyroxine dose. If the TSH is normal, no further monitoring is typically required.  Untreated severe hypothyroidism in the mother can lead to impaired brain development. If hypothyroidism is managed and treated properly, then both mother and baby are likely to be well. The extra medical care that you receive will help you to have a healthy and successful pregnancy. Whether or not your baby will be born with hypothyroidism mainly depends on the cause for hypothyroidism in you.
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Question: Post caesarian now i can do exercises to kept my tummy in I'm now 3month 16days of post op
Answer: Hello... No dear, not now,since you have c section can start exercising after six months, because now your body is in healing process
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Question: I have 2 months old baby i had unprotected sex is there any chance to get pregnancy
Answer: Yes, if you have done it, near the ovulation period. There are 100% chance. So, better get it tested . And from next time use protection , if you don't want to get pregnant so early
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