23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have placenta posterior and low lying coming upto internal os. Is this serious issue?

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Answer: hi dear! so as long as its not covering the internal os then there is no problem dear. you might need one more scan later in the pregnancy so that the position of the placenta can be seen and accordingly the decision of the delivery can be made dear. dont worry dear. take care
Answer: Hi dear,if you have low lying placenta take bed rest ,don't lift heavy weights ,don't stand for long time,take bed rest it will move up take care
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Question: I have done my 20th week scan in that they have mentioned placenta posterior and low lying coming upto internal os. Will this be a serious problem?
Answer: If it's posterior then I think it can't be low lying..You should repeat yr USG once for the placental localisation
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Question: Plancenta posterior and low lying coming upto the internal os means??
Answer: Low lying placenta, meaning the placenta has implanted low down in your uterus, close to your cervix.
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Question: What is the cause of placenta is posterior at low lying upto internal os.?
Answer: It is a condition in which the placenta lies lower than normal and is either very close to the cervix,partially covering the cervix or fully covering the cervix.Cervix is the part beween the vagina and the uterus.We can therefore say that the position of placenta that low could block the passage of baby during the time of labour.This issue could be resolved anytime before 36th week.Most of the times it gets resolved by the 30th week itself as the uterus expands and the baby's pressure is usually on the lower part of uterus which keeps stretching and the placental attachment starts moving at the side.Take complete rest,do not climb stairs,do not lift anything heavy or perform chores that could put pressure on your abdomen.
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