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Question: I have PID.please suggest me one diet plan and what is remedies

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Answer: Hello dear. You will have to start with antibiotics to treat PID. please donnit go for any home remedies as they would not be helpful and would make it worse if you do not start with medication asap. In diet you need to eat healthy. Eat calcium-rich foods, including beans, almonds, and dark green leafy vegetables (spinach and kale). Eat antioxidant-rich foods, including fruits (blueberries, cherries, and tomatoes) and vegetables (squash and bell pepper). Avoid refined foods, such as white breads, pasta, and sugar. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello I have twins.Please suggest me diet plan accordingly.
Answer: Hi! First of all congrats! Try and start day with apples/coconut water/ soaked almonds etc. Have iron, magnesium, folic acid rich diet which should in your daily food consisting vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, chicken, fish, mutton, eggs everything all regular food no need to start anything special.. U can have one cup of coffee or black tea a day . Nd as much of fennel ,chamomile, fruit , caffeine less tea. Take ample rest and drink lots nd lots of water. U can go fr walks if u want nd only if ur gynae permits. Hope you find this helpful..
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Question: Hi, I am having diabetes. What kind of diet I have to take? Suggest diet plan.
Answer: Hi Dear! Pls dont worry your levels will be fine after taking medicines also also every body is not same and differenf things work fr different ppl, hence fr diey you can take help from a nutritionist to make diet plan fr you according to your condition, i hv seen one of Sister in law has been benefited immensely by following diet and having neem water just by Boiling one small glass of water with just two neem leaves. Drink that small glass evey morning before having your first coffee immediately after brushing. Trust me. It ll do wonders and keep your levels under control. She had a normal delivery and baby weighed good too. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am suffering from gestational diabetes can any one suggest me vegetarian diet plan
Answer: Hi Gestational diabetes can occur any stage of the pregnancy. So u have to follow a good diet so ur baby and you are not affected by it. You should eat less sugary stuff like biscuits cakes icecream etc. Try having small meals throughout the day so ur calories are distributed all over the day wch makes it easy to reduce ur sugar levels try eating more complex carbohydrate and lean proteins like chicken fish etc. Limit food containing lots of starch like potatoes rice etc avoid fruits like mangoes or jackfruit that spike ur sugar levels. Include avocado or butter fruit apples pears peaches plums oranges berries. Eat whole grains.
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