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Question: I have irreegular periods. I can't calculate my ovulation time plz help and mera period bhi 6 to 7 days pehele hi ajata he bt every time i feel all pregnancy symptoms

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Answer: Use ovulation calcutiok kit available in medical stores. It will give u accurate results
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Question: Hi.. My last period date Oct 31, I missed my periods 10 days. Today am in period, my period was irregular,so I can't calculate my ovulation day, please help me...
Answer: ovulation is 14 days prior to mestruation normally..if ur periods is on nov 10 ,ur ovulation was on oct 27..women with 28 days cycle ovulation will be on 14 th day..with irregular periods ovulation date will vary may be on 16,20 ,25 th day .if ur planning preg consult gynec ,they will do follicular study scan so u can understand exact day of ovulation n preg accordingly
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Question: Hi mam I want to get pregnancy early every month I'm waiting to ovulation days fitile days aftr my periods but I can't see any symptoms of fitile days y plz tel me any solution
Answer: Dear sometimes the symtoms aren't visible and hence we do the calculation. You ovulate 14 days before ur next periods. So if ur periods are due on 28th of the month then ur ovulation will happen on 14th of the month and ur fertile window will be on 12th, 13th and 14th of the month which will give you beat results. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi my last period is on dec 25 then i felt all pregnancy symptoms today i feel symptoms of periods is it periods or pregnanacy symptoms
Answer: Hi! Pls wait till 25th if u miss ur periods pls take a test after 5-6 days to confirm pregnancy if two pink lines appear you r positive.. Hope this helps!
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