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Question: I have periods before 5 days is it implantation bleeding

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Answer: Is it heavy flow or spotting.. What was the color of bleeding... In case of a implantation bleeding color is dark brownish red.
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    Jenifer Abeth1014 days ago

    1day lite bleeding now its heavy

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Question: Can implantation bleeding happen on 31st day of cycle? My cycle length is 29 days but got light discharge on 31st day. Is it periods or implantation bleeding?
Answer: If ur flow is for more than 3 days with full bleeding then its a period. Bleeding can haooen on 31st day. You can consider this as a small spotting. But make sure u take a pregnancy test after 5 days from day one of ir spotting. Hope you get pregnant !!!
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Question: Is it safe for implantation to have sex after 5 -6 days of ovulation, if you are TTC.
Answer: If you want to get pregnant you should do sex on your ovulation time this time is 12 to 17 days of your period after sex in that time you can know about pregnancy when your period miss by 10 days
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Question: My lmp is March 4 th . It got delayed and today I got my periods . I am planning for pregnancy. How to know whether it is periods or implantation bleeding. And when to check pregnancy test after the implantation?
Answer: When pregnancy confirm after that implantation will be happen. so if your period miss by 10 days after that you will do pregnancy test.
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