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Question: I have period cycle of 26 days and each period last only 3 days. I had my last period on Dec 7 (9 days before). We are planning to conceive. Hence, we had sex on Dec12 and Dec16. I'm feeling bloating pain from morning. Will there be a chance that i conceived? After how many days can I go for a pregnancy test?

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Answer: Dear only way to confirm this is by pregnancy test and that should be done after 7 days of misisng ur periods. If ur period cycle is 26 days then ur periods are due on 1st jan so you need to do pregnancy test on 7th Jan with first urine to get accurate results. Hope it helpsm
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Question: My 1st day of last period is 7 dec , and my cycle is 28 days .. and I had sex on 22 dec and 24 dec, these are fertile days or not ?? There is any chance of conceiving ??
Answer: Dear for a 28 day cycle ,fertile periods usually come at 12 th day of cycl..I have 28 day cycle as per that your fertile dates would be from 17 onwards fo a week to be might have skipped the days but in unprotected sex anything can let's wait till 7 th.jan..hoping for the best...
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Question: I had periods on 26 th period last only 3 days...i have severe headache and i vomited many there any chance of pregnency
Answer: Hi dear, if you had periods then the chances of pregnancy would be less. The most important symptom of pregnancy is missing the period. You should take rest and observe if any other symptoms. Take care!
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Question: My period cycle is i get period on 21 st day cycle is 21 days wts my ovulation period ....last tym i had period on 26 th April
Answer: Hi as per you LMP Your best days to conceive are May 1, 2019 To May 5, 2019
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