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Question: I have pcos problm....trying to conceive last one yr, ,no use,,, periods r regular,,,,wht to do,,,,last all hopes

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Answer: Hi,Dear Pcos is quite common normal ,its not the end of the world.PCOS can make pregnancy difficult, it is one of the most treatable forms of infertility in women. The hormonal imbalance that occurs with PCOS interferes with the growth and release of eggs. Many women with PCOS do not ovulate, and therefore cannot become pregnant on their own. Treatments are available to help you ovulate and increase your chances of getting pregnant.
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Question: I have pcos ,,,,,my periods r regular last six month,,,,any chance of pregncy
Answer: I guess less chances cos i had it, reduce ur weight c remedies in youtube nd get rid of pcos then u cn get pregnant
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Question: I m about 40,my periods r regular, trying to conceive.....I have 9 years old girl..
Answer: Hi dear it is difficult to get conceive somwtimes at this age without doctor advise. So first get doctor advise as if u can concieve and if yes then what type of precautions advised to make sure a healthy pregnancy.
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Question: I'm trying to conceive for last one year but there is no us. Wht i have to do plz tell me
Answer: Hi, first I would suggest you to change the lifestyle. Take regular exercise as it helps a lot also eat healthy balanced diet. Apart from that you need to follow the ovulation period also. You get ovulation kit in the medicine shops, you can bring that and use that. Have sex during that period regularly, that will definitely increase Te chances.
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