8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have pain on my right side tummy. Why it is so?

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Answer: Hi,it is growing pain as the uterus is expanding and the body parts are shifting you must be feeling this pain and discomfort. Don't worry.it will settle
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    Karpagavalli R1051 days ago

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Question: I have pain on left side? Why it is so?
Answer: Dear abdominal pain or cramps are totally normal during pregnancy. It's the uterus stretching to make it comfy for your littler nugget. It can also happen because of gas pains . The progesteron that your body is producing will cause constipation and gas pains.  Drink LOTS of fluids and eat lots of fiber filled foods.  But if the pain is severe and unbearable then please consult with your doctor..
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Question: Hii I have right side backache and I have severe pain , why is it so 😭😭
Answer: Dear it's normal in pragnacy plsz don't take tension
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Question: I am having pain on my right side leg from the thigh? Why it so?
Answer: Hi dear, Increase in blood volume and other fluids along with baby weight,your legs gets stressed out a bit.it takes the whole body weight and hence it pains and cramps.try massaging with warm oil and be active no matter how much it pains.keep your legs elevated.and never sit and stand in one place for long.decrease your salt content in food.drink plenty of water to avoid water retention in body which adds pain to legs.alao look for any protruded veins,could b vericose veins or spider veins which are common in pregnancy.
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