3 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have pain in my breast and my eyes are also red, Is this a early sign of pregnancy? my last day of period was 13th Feb

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Answer: Hello! Though pain in breast might be symptom of pregnancy. But red eyes are not. Please go for the Pregnancy test to confirm if you are pregnant or not.
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Question: Last month My period day was 31 jan and this month i didnt get period .is it early sign of pregnancy ..can i check tommorow ???
Answer: Hi dear, Ideally missed period is one of the confirmed sign of conception,but some women are sensitive enough to spot the signs as early as 4 th week.some of them are: 1- tender and swollen breasts 2- mild abdominal cramps 3- dull back ache 4- fatigue 5- increased urinating 6-spotting 7-nausea 8-increased basal temperature 9- smell sensitivity 10-darkening of areolas Some of the above symptoms does overlap,with pms,so one needs to wait till the next period and confirm pregnancy.you should wait till one week post missed period and take the test.all the best!
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Question: I have severe pain in breast i am in 13th week of pregnancy is this common?
Answer: Hello dear... Breast pain is normal in pregnancy,it happensdue to harmonalchanges ,  increase of blood supply ,follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Drink more water Monitor your salt intake Wear correct brazier and loose clothes Apply coconut oil Take Warm water bath Give Hot or cold compress Apply pain relieving ointment
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Question: Hello.. first day of my last period was 18 Jan and today is 19 Feb. I have conceived and I have waist and lower back pain for 20 days. Something is pulsating in my stomach. Is it sign of pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, Kindly check your pregnancy using home pregnancy kit on 25 th Feb morning.only then you can confirm .physical symptoms cannot gaurentee pregnancy.
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