15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have thorat pain... I am not able swallow anything...is it any problem...???

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Answer: May be thorat infection please consult doc asap. By the time do salty warm water gargle.
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Question: Is there any substitute for Omega 3 medicines since I am not able to swallow medicines.
Answer: Yesss... U can eat fish, walnuts, flaxaeed, spinach soyabean etc
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Question: Still I don't have any symptoms delivery pain, baby movement are not there is anything problem,am very scared
Answer: Hi don't worry as eat some sweet and lay down on left side for sometime you will feel movements and if you feel no movement and no labour pains then consult doctor immediately everything will be fine stay positive take care all the best
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Question: I am not able to swallow calcium medicine. It comes out when i take it. How i can take it?
Answer: Hi Calcium tablet ll be big in size so it sometimes push out..but it should be taken to strengthen your bone to carry baby...so just break tablet as 2 piece and take so that you can swallow easily
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