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Question: I have ovarian cyst PCOD. I am in first trimesrer, what guide lines do i need to follow??

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Answer: Women with PCOS are at higher risk for pregnancy and delivery complications. These include a three-fold increase in miscarriage risk in early pregnancy compared to women without PCOS, gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) which can lead to large babies, preeclampsia which is characterized by sudden elevated blood pressure and body swelling after the 20th week of pregnancy, preterm birth, and C-section delivery. Blood glucose. While pregnant, you will probably need to check your blood sugar more often than before pregnancy. Check your blood sugar as often as your doctor recommends. You should probably test it before meals, one or two hours after a meal, at bedtime, and during the night. It is a good idea to eat three small meals and two to four snacks a day. avoid sex in pregnancy especially if you have pco
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Question: I got diagnosed with right ovarian cyst in my first ultrasound . What should I do??
Answer: Dear it will not harm your pregnancy. Every pregnant woman should have an ovarian cyst. This cyst is the corpus luteum, the “cyst of pregnancy,” which produces the hormone Progesterone. Sometimes we discover ovarian cysts which are larger than 5 cm, and which persist past 12 weeks. Hope it helps.
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Question: What care I have to take for ovarian cyst
Answer: As long as the cyst size is below 5 cm ,there is no need to worry.also you need to regularly check with your scan of the cyst size is increasing or not.
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Question: I have ovarian cyst
Answer: A cyst in early pregnancy can be removed using keyhole surgery (laparoscopy). ... It's most likely that your cyst doesn't need treatment, and it shouldn't affect this pregnancy, or your ability to get pregnant again. However, cysts caused by endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome may make it more difficult to conceive.
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Question: I have ovarian cyst.
Answer: Hello dear Functional ovarian cysts develop as part of your normal menstrual cycle. These are harmless and very common. If a functional ovarian cyst is found during pregnancy, it shouldn't cause you or your baby any problems across.
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