4 months old baby

Question: I have 2months old daughter delivered Normal. I get strong ache in my body joints ... What should I do... Please suggest home remedies as well as any precautions or excercises to be done

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Answer: Take hot water bath. Pour 1-2mugs of hot water on all ur joints. Dont use fan/ac immediately after bathing. I Took this bath for 2 months post delivery in july.
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Question: I feeling head ache any home remedies? Please suggest?
Answer: Hello dear... Head ache is normal, happen due to harmonal changes and increase in volume of blood, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Have a nutrious diet with lot of fruits and veggies Drink 2-3 litre of water a day Don't get stressed, be relaxed Practice pranayama Have a good sleep
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Question: i am 18 weeks pregnant have body itching ..I feel restless during night as well...plz suggest any home remedy or something by wch i cn get relieved...
Answer: Hello! If you have body itching and which seems to increase at night, then consult the doctor. It can be due to the secretions from the liver. This is a condition which is pregnancy triggered. The doctor might ask you for liver function test and also give you medicine for the same. This will help you to keep the itching in control. Take care
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Question: I have severe tooth ache ....is there any home remedies to get rid of it
Answer: WARM WATER RINSE Brushing and flossing are important to everyone's daily routine, but these simple self-care tips can prevent more severe dental problems for a pregnant woman. The National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center recommends that a pregnant woman rinse with water after every meal when brushing isn't possible. The Mayo Clinic suggests that using warm water to rinse can help soothe a toothache and possibly remove any particles stuck between the teeth that could cause discomfort. Adding a teaspoon of salt may further assist in cleansing the area. Flossing regularly can prevent such pain if it is due to food lodged between the teeth. ANTISEPTIC A number of over-the-counter antiseptics can numb the gums and provide temporary pain relief. Benzocaine can be applied directly to an irritated tooth or to gums. Pregnant women should consult a doctor to find out whether use of this medicine is permissible. A natural antiseptic solution called oil of cloves can provide temporary pain relief as well. COMPRESSION Warm or cold compression can sometimes provide temporary relief for a toothache. A warm washcloth or water bottle can be applied to the side of the face where the pain persists. A cold cloth or pack of ice may also provide relief by numbing the area; this method can be used as often as necessary. The March of Dimes suggests applying ice to the gums when they become sore after brushing.
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