Few days old baby

Question: I have 18dys old baby...i have urine infection..is it serious

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Answer: Hi. No it wont effect your baby. But you will need to cure it. Hi. During pregnancy there is lot of pressure on your bladder whuch prevents it from releasing all the urine which causes infection. Hormones are also one reason. In pregnancy, they cause changes in the urinary tract, and that makes women more likely to get infections. To treat UTI your doctor will give you antibiotics, after which withinn3 days it will be better. To be saved from UTI first of all start having 8 glasses of water in daily basis, Always clean your private part from front to back. Empty your bladder before and after sex. Use warm water to clean your private part.
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Question: I m 12 week pragnant I have urine infection ++ is there is serious problem
Answer: You must consult your doctor. It can be severe in cases
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Question: I have urine infection. Is it effects the baby
Answer: Hie Urine infection is best treated to the earliest as it may be a cause of concern If you have urine infection just consult your gynaclogist a few antibiotics and you are good to go But remember it needs antibiotics to be treated it don't wait for it to get better on its own
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Question: I have got urine infection.. is it harmful for baby..
Answer: Please don't worry it is common to experience urine infection during pregnancy and there are treatments available for it and treated case never affect the baby but how do you know about your urine infection have you got the urine test done or you are assuming it. if not please get the urine test done there are no home remedies for the urine infection so if you will get the urine in practice done will get to know about the microorganism involved and your doctor will give you the preferred medicine according to that Till then drink lots and lots of water and maintain the hygiene , make sure to clean the vaginal area every time you used in washroom from front to back
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