1 months old baby

Question: I have 25days old baby boy....I'm breastfeeding him and milk is not sufficient so giving formula as well... I have a white spot on my right nipple which is not going away.... While breastfeeding it is paining.... How will this white spot go away bcz while feeding it is paining a lot

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Answer: Same for me also apply. Coconut oil ND give warm massage
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Question: Hi I am breastfeeding....n I got one white spot pimple on my nipple...it's paining me a lot...is there any remedy for it....
Answer: It happened with me ... it's called clogged duct .... the white layer needs to be removed and hot water compress is useful
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Question: To give formula milk to 2 months baby is ok? While breastfeeding is not sufficient for him
Answer: Yes I gave formula milk to my baby starting from first month..but give your breastfeeding first and then give formula milk
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Question: My. Left breast nipple is paining a lot....i think bcz of biting by my baby during breastfeeding..wt to do..it creates unbearable pain .
Answer: Hie Cracked or bleeding nipples are usually the result of an improper latch,the baby may not be getting enough of the areola in her mouth Also, whenever you pull your baby off the breast, insert your pinky into the corner of her mouth first to break the seal. Apply a hot compress on your breast just before feeding to help milk let down you may as well have a warm drink like a glass of water ,milk or green tea Applying breast milk onto cracked nipples may help them heal by offering antibacterial protection Wipe your breast with plain water post feeding as it may cause yeast build up Wipe it with water and apply green tea bags . You can consult your pediatrician to recommend creams for soothing sore nipples, and you can wipe it away just before a feeding you can continue to breastfeed your baby when you have cracked or bleeding nipples, though it can be very painful.  If your problem is severe with cracked nipples, see your pediatrician or a certified lactation consultant to help you with proper feeding position and latch .
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