7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have o+ blood group and my husband have also o+ve blood group, is it create some problem

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Answer: No dear. Same blood group koi b problem create nh krega. Even we both are having same blood group o+.
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Question: Hi, I'm with O+ve blood group and my husband is also with O+ve blood group, so is there any problem with baby?
Answer: Not at all but it's better to have a triple screen test at 12 to 14 week of pregnancy. This is maternal blood screening test that looks for three specific substance AFP, HCG and Estriol. AFP is alpha fetoprotien generated by the fetus Which will help your doctor to see if your baby may be at higher risks of any certain birth defect. Hope it will help you.
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Question: My blood group is O-ve and my husband is O+ve, will it make any problem for the baby?
Answer: Usually in your case if it's second pregnancy then it's quite problematic... first pregnancy usually don't have any problem but still do let your doctor Know about this...
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Question: Me and my husband's blood group are same ,is it create some problem in my pregrency or not? O+ve
Answer: Hi dear, Same blood group won't have any issues with pregnancy.
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