23 weeks pregnant mother

I have noticed that i feel uneasy the day i take milk with protein powder in it? Is it true should i avoid it? Please guide ?

If you feel uneasy about it you can stop protein powder and use mother's horlicks or any other flavour. But it's very important that you drink milk twice daily. It will help in milk production. If you don't like any flour you can drink plain milk. But if the doctor has prescribed the protein powder for baby growth, then you must definitely have it
If you are not comfortable with protein powder than eat protein biscuit
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Question: In what time of the day, I can take protein powder with milk? Is it Ok to drink it after food or in the evening?
Answer: You should take protein powder with milk In night before go to sleep
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Question: I took protien powder milk everyday.Can i take saffron milk mixed with protein powder. Will it cause any problems?
Answer: Better to take saffron with plain milk just soak 5-6 pieces of saffron in 10-15ml of milk drink it first then drink milk with protein powder
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Question: I am 23 weeks pregnant, can I take protein powder (simmom) with water or milk powder?
Answer: Yes sim mom is very good for you at this stage and take with milk only. vanilla flavour is good to try .
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