6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have nothing singn of

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Answer: Hi dear plz complete ur question
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Question: Hey i m in my 8th month of pregnancy and i have urine infection. I have eaten all kinds of medicine to cure it but Nothing works...
Answer: Hi dear! Urine infection is common in pregnancy but it needs to be treated and if you are getting urine infection which is reoccurring then it is definitely a point of concern and I think you need to report this to your doctor and when you say that you have had all the medicines but nothing helped I would suggest you to please talk to your doctor and start having Cranberry juice it is very good in treating UTI during pregnancy.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello,i have pain at my left side of tummy near is nothing to worried?
Answer: Hi dear tummy pain can be a reason of acidity or gas. So u need to check is this happens regaurly oe sometimes. To avoid acidity u can have a glassbof cold milk as it relieve ur acidity. U shod driNk proper 2 to 3 litre of water to kewp ur digestion good. Avoid gassy or difficult to digest food. If u still have doubt that there is nothing like than then consult doctor.
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Question: I have nt gain wieght...n i dnt hav any symptoms of pregnancy is ths nothing to worry
Answer: Hello... Dear usually in first trimester, you won't gain weight, it happens around second and third trimester, and each pregnancy is different, some may get symptoms, some may not, it is completely normal, so don't get worried
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