8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have no energy. Whole day I'm lying on bed. Nausea, vomiting, headache, leg pain... Is it normal?

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Answer: First of all congrats! Coming to your question...., it's Absolutely normal.....! Your body will have maximum adaptive changes to make the environment conducive for your developing baby.....and hence it all happens! So, no need to worry....eat well and healthy foods... meet your gynecologist, get advice to control nausea, vomiting....
Answer: Hello dear, it's totally normal. Because of hormonal changes we get these issues. You consult doctor she will suggest tablets for these problems we will get some relief but not total. ln some women it stops after first trimester. Don't worry.
Answer: Hello dear . Yes it normal but for nasea you should eat something because empty stomach also cause nasea . You also have to take folic acid at this time . Your diet must be good in this trimester of pregnancy.
Answer: Hello. It's completely normal for you to feel sick at this early stage of pregnancy. You should take lot of rest and watch your food intake , atleast till you complete first trimester .
Answer: Its fine,take it easy . Pregnancy and the hormones related play havoc on ur body. After all a tiny human being is growing inside you.
Answer: Hi, yes, these are perfectly normal in 1st trimester. Take rest, drink lot of fluid and eat what you like.
Answer: As you are first timister it is normal..but every pregnant women have not same symptoms..
Answer: Same condition i had😁its absolutely normal... Take care 😊
Answer: Yes... It's normal dear
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Answer: Leg pain is common... Even same happening to me since last few weeks so nothing to worry.... Drink a lot of water it helps in pain reduction
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Question: I'm having headache whole day.. is it normal?
Answer: Hi, headaches are one of most common complaints pregnant women undergo. it could also be a symptom of another disease if its severe, and also has high blood pressure,or history of headache. it is best to consult a doctor to make sure its not due to some other disease. try avoiding actvities that aggravate headaches like lack of sleep, improper eating habits, reduced fluid intake. you can take a paracetamol if the pain gets hard to tolerate.
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Answer: Hi dear, during pregnancy mild pelvic pain abdominal pain is normal but if the pain is sharp and continuous for longer period of time then it could be a matter of concern and in that case you need to consult your doctor to check your pregnancy progress. In most of the cases pain associated with chances of miscarriage. So take care of yourself eat healthy and nutritious diet and drink adequate amount of water , hope that help.
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