7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have my scan scheduled for tomorrow and they will be checking for a heartbeat. My last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage because the foetus never developed a heartbeat. I can't stop thinking about how painful it was last time, emotionally. And i am just too scared and anxious for the scan tomorrow. This time it is an IVF pregnancy and I am carrying twins. Though I try to remain positive throughout this anxiety and fear hits me and i can't stop thinking about my last miscarriage. Please advise how to overcome it as I know I should remain stress free at the moment.

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Answer: Hi dear u should make urself happy by thinking about good things. PoSitivity is the best way to predict future. Being sad can affect ur health and being happy can keep ur baby alive so u just think in dis manner that if u will be happy then u will have a healthy baby. So stay with ur family and discuss good things.
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Question: I am 7 month pregnant and craving for slate pencil. Can't stop thinking about it. Is it fine to eat slate pencil.
Answer: Hello, I completely understand your situation cravings during pregnancy can be really weird. We have to understand why this cravings for certain thing is happening to us. so my sister also got the craving of eating Slate, mud or paint during her pregnancy so later we come to know that this is happening because of some calcium deficiency. it's very important to treat the deficiency on the right time. see slate is not that all a safe or good thing to eat during pregnancy it can cause some complications so don't eat it at all . You can divert your craving to any other thing but the one thing is very important to cover the deficiency so talk to your doctor and take your calcium supplements daily without any miss.
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Question: My 3rd month is running. And since 2days I'm not feeling anything like I used to had hyper acidity, Gas and backache. people says once 3rd month is start no all anxious symptoms may get stop. I'm literally worried as I had miscarriage once due to heartbeat loss in October. Can we feel heartbeat of baby? last week only I visited doctor he said everything is normal. but I'm scared of miscarriage. I can't get over it. it is normal?
Answer: Yes dear firstly pls dont take stress n stay positive...its normal fr all these symptoms to go away at the end of 1st trimester...heartbeat cannot be felt without the use of external device....u can visit ur doc n get it checked using doppler incase of any doubt
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Question: My 8th week u/s was normal. There was a normal heartbeat. Bt now as the days are coming for the 12 week scan.. i am feeling less symptoms and anxiety increases about what will be there in next scan.
Answer: Hello dear. Please do not be stressed as it is normal for the symptoms to go as you progress towards second trimester. Everything will be fine in the next scan however stress is not good so please avoid getting that. Hope it helps.
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