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Question: Hiii I have my last period on 20th Jan and every month I get my period 5 days before my actual date. Till now I have not got my period. Suggest me what to do

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Answer: Hllo dear ur lmp s 20 Jan dear today s 17 Feb So dear u should wait till 20 Feb.if ur period 'll be missed on 20 Feb nd after doing pregnancy test after 8 to 10 days of missing period u 'll be conform abht ur pregnancy .so dear wait .avoid stress, avoid sex nd avoid carry heavy thing .Try it best of luck dear
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Question: Hiiii my last period was on 29 th jan and i tested on 2nd feb but the result is negative and till this date i have not got My period what should i do next.
Answer: Hello dear, sometimes pregnancy shows late better to check again after 3 days. And sometime not having period could be a reason of harmonal disbalance, due to PCOD, thyroid, stress, immediate losing or gaining weight , some sickness, diabetes or may be due to low hb. Or may be due to irregularity in ur period u may be in the verge of getting pregnant but ur hcg is not that enough to detect ur pregnancy so it is better to consult doctor to get to know the actual status.
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Question: What is my fertile period if I got period on 20th jan and I have irregular period
Answer: Hello dear. Any time a girl has unprotected intercourse, she has the potential to become pregnant. Getting pregnant is related to ovulation — the time that a girl is most fertile and has the highest chance of getting pregnant. A girl with irregular periods still ovulates, just not on a regular, predictable schedule. You should check when is your ovulation date. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Last my period date Aug 5 till now I Am not get period... An I pregnant
Answer: First of ol .. is ur period cycle is 28- 29 days And Yes may be u conceived .. u can check at ur own end. If it is positive contact gyni.
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