1 months old baby

Question: i have mumps..can i breastfeed

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Question: I have chickenpox ,can I breastfeed baby
Answer: Hi. Yes you can. The chicken pox virus has not been found in breast milk of women with achicken pox infection. Breast milk may contain antibodies that can protect your baby from getting the chicken pox. Because chicken pox is very contagious, talk to your child's pediatrician right away if you come down with the chicken pox.
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Question: Can i breastfeed if i have acidity
Answer: Hi dear. Yes you can feed her, but im future make to avoid all foods which can trigger acidity. Because a mother's food have a great imoact on baby's health. You start eating a small piece of jaggery after every meal, jaggery help in reducing gas trouble. Avoid too soicy food. Eat healthy and light
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Question: I have fever can I give breastfeed
Answer: Hi,Dear yes dear no problem feed it,even if you have a fever – it's fine to breastfeed. And since your body is mounting an immune response, you pass those illness-fighting antibodies to your baby when you breastfeed, which will help protect. Take care.
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