22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have more fluid than normal was it any problem to me or my baby now am 22 week running

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Answer: what is your afi.. its mentioned in scan report. check. 8-18 is normal. if its more than check for diabetes and take more rest.
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Question: I am feeling little more white discharge than normal is it okay or any problem?
Answer: Hello friend. Don't worry, this is quiet common during pregnancy. Here are a few tips that might help you to reduce white discharge : Maintain Cleanliness, Wear cotton underwear, Wear Loose & Comfortable Clothes. Take care.
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Question: Now I am 29 week pregnant.....now I am facing the white discharge with pain ......it is more than the normal...... what I do now....will it be problem....any more? please give me a call advise madam
Answer: Its better if u consult doctor and let doctor know in detail the problem you are facing, then doctor would auggest accordingly whether to go for urine test or so
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Question: I have TSH more than 9. Now 10th week running. How to control?
Answer: Hello dear. Can understand your curosity and worry You need to consult your doctor and take the prescribed medication. Take medicine regularly to control your thyroid levels. Apart from medicines you also need to make some changes in diet. Food to avoid during thyroid 1. Foods that contain gluten like bread... Pasta... Cereals. Beer 2. Soy foods such as Tofu... Soy milk.. Tempeh 3. Vegetables like broccoli.. Spinach... Cabbage. 4. Certain fruits like pears. Peaches and strawberry Food to take during thyroid : 1. Have small frequent meals 2. High take of carbs which are easily digestible like soft rice.. Porridge... 3. Soft cooked vegetables.. Mashed potatoes.. Fruits like banana.. Orange.. 4. Avoid high fibre diet
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