5 months old baby

Question: i have 4 months baby ..from last 4-5 days my baby's upper lips n nose side small small pimples has come...wat can i do...remedy

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Question: My baby is 5 months old, from past few days she has small small tiny pimples on her neck and around the body. So what to do ?
Answer: It's absolutely normal not to be worried apply some moisture cream r don't apply powder on pimples it will go by itself keep it dry it's because of sweating
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Question: What can i do for my 2 months 8 days old baby's stuffy nose n flu
Answer: Hi,small babies get easily affected with climatic changes and frequently get this cold and cough You can try this home remedies which will help the baby get some relief . Roast ajwain,4-5 pods if garlic,Ince roasted the it in the freshly washed and clean cloth and make a potli ..You should rub this in baby'chest and and back this will help to dissolve the phelgam accumulated in the chest. Keep vaporizer in the room with tulsi leaves when the baby sleeps so that the moisture helps the baby to breathe.and soften her congested chest and nose. Boil garlic cloves in mustard oil,cool it and give massage with it in baby's chest It also helps Your breast milk has antibodies which will help the baby to fight against the infection.
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Question: Hi. My baby has dry skin n hz getting small dots (like pimples ). Help me .wat should I do
Answer: Hi dear u should mix oats powder in baby bathing water and then let her take bath.after that apply coconut oil. Don't do anything as it do hapoens to babies after birth and it is quite common. It will go itself.
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