3 months old baby

Question: I have 3 month old twin girls..can suggest some careing tips

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Answer: Dear its really difficult to care of 3 months twin baby. So Keep yourself and your baby cleaned and hygiene.Breast milk is essential for baby till baby completes 6 months.Use BPA free products. Follow the vaccination chart don’t even miss a single vaccination for baby.Keep talking with your baby always try engage with some activities with baby.
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Question: I have twin girls. 44 days old. When i can start to give water, orange juice
Answer: Hello! Dont give water or any other liquid to your baby before 6 months..at this stage breastmilk is suffcient for baby to stay healthy.water may decrease his appetite and leave her malnourished.
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Question: I am having twin baby boys....can i have tips for twin baby?
Answer: Some tips which will help you to take care of your sweethearts DO Sync Their Schedules Getting your twins on the same feeding and napping schedule is essential. Otherwise you'll constantly be feeding babies, with Twin A ready to eat just as Twin B goes down for a nap. DON'T Separate Older Twin Babies Once your twins are sleeping through the night, it may be tempting to put them in separate rooms so they won't wake each other. But that will only teach them to rely on total silence to stay asleep. Let the babies sleep in the same room to get used to each other's crying. DON'T Go in Alone Caring for twin babies is a lot of work. There are two mouths to feed, two sets of diapers to change and two different cries to soothe. So don't be afraid to get help from friends, family or a nanny
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Question: Can u suggest best tips for twin pregnancy care
Answer: When you are pregnant with twins you should eat at least 2700 calories each day which means double the amount of food You are developing two babies inside so your iron necessity will also be more Get plenty of rest put your legs and foot up as frequently as possible to avoid or reduce any swelling Baby weight will be little less compared to normal single baby but it's normal All the best
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