1 months old baby

Question: I have 1 month old baby. He takes my breast milk. So can I eat curd(sour) this time?? Will it affect my baby's health??

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Answer: Yes you can. It won't affect baby if you are ok with it. Just avoid foods and conditions which may cause cough / cold to you. Dahi should be at room temperature and not cold. Also it shouldn't be sour which may cause throat irritation.
Answer: Hello! There is no problem in taking curd or any sore item. It doesn't effect the breastmilk or the baby. But make sure what ever you have have in moderation. Take care
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Question: Giving both breast milk and formula milk affect the baby's health???. I have less breast milk
Answer: Nothing to worry dear. . I too had fed my baby both formula and breastmilk...there is no problem in it....formula milk too healthy and it also contains same nutrients which mother's milk have.....so, feed ur baby both milk without any concern.
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Question: M hello my baby is 4 months old so can I have banana or it may or it will affect my baby's health
Answer: It is said that banana should be eaten when he baby is able to eat solid food...Means after 6th month....Well banana z full f all nutrients so can eat once or twice in a week....All d best dear
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Question: Can I eat curd rice will it affect my baby
Answer: Hello dear. It is fine to have curd rice while breastfeeding. It will not affect your baby infact it will improve your digestion. Hope it helps.
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