Few weeks old baby

Question: I have 1 month baby.can i wear nursing bra.is it safe breast feeding.ad my brest is toooo saggy wt did do for normal.

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Answer: They say to wear bra but I avoided completely and once u stop breast feeding it will become normal
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Question: I have some pain in my breast ..plzz say is it normal to have Brest pain??
Answer: Hello dear... Breast pain is normal in pregnancy,it happensdue to harmonalchanges ,  increase of blood supply ,follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Drink more water Monitor your salt intake Wear correct brazier and loose clothes Apply coconut oil Take Warm water bath Give Hot or cold compress Apply pain relieving ointment
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Question: My 7 week old boy nursing for 30minutes for every 1 hr...is it normal
Answer: Hii dear it is not normal. Baby generally get full in 15 mins feed but use ur nipple as a pacifier. They need to feed again at least after two hours. So try to make him habit of this only. When baby ask for long time then try to divert the baby to toy or something as it can harm u also. It can give u body pain when u feel for such a long time.
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Question: my both breasts are getting saggy ..what should i do for firming my breast
Answer: Hi ,mam For skin tightening you can use egg yolks because egg has large amount of protein and vitamins that can helps sagging breasts.in remedy you can add one cucumber and one egg yolk both must be blanded and make past and apply this past for 30 minutes and wash.
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