7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have mistakenly taken eno..is there any side efect of it?? Is it harmful??

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Answer: Eno is not safe in pregnancy eno and soda or any kind of soft drink try to avoid
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Question: hi I have taken ogtt test in fasting it is 149 is it normal???? I don't have any diabetes before
Answer: Dear it is slightly above the normal range..there is no need of any medicine but you need to follow a strict sugar free diet..no sugar in any form to be taken..have complex carbohydrates like whole wheat,oats,brown rice too..have lot of proteins like egg,chicken,paneer,fish ,chole,soyabean etc..keep.youself active and avoid taking later meals..have smaller frequent meals..I have managed my sugar levels like this only....
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Question: My wife have taken sugar tablet metaformin after finishing her lunch and mistakenly taken after finishing dinner also. ll it have any side affects.? Kindly advise
Answer: Hi dear... It can cause hypoglycemia.... You need to check for symptoms like giddiness, sweating,....if so take plenty of sugar and consult your doctor...
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Question: I have hyper acidity and I have taken ENO . Please let me know if it is safe to have it during pregnancy.??
Answer: Hope you are doing well.. Yes dear you can have there's no problem.. However don't have it too often. Take care.
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