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Question: I have missed my periods but there is no sign of is the third day of missing period

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Answer: Dear, sometimes there is no symptoms, still you could be pregnant. But can't say exactly now. Better to check through home pregency kit after 3 days, if you get two pink lines it means you are pregnant.
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Question: i missed my periods last month @ dec 16 but there is no positive sign of pregnancy...ans..plz..
Answer: hello.. dear actually you need to get the periods on jan 16 so you need to wait till 30th january and test in the early morning at januray 31st then see the result.. if you didnt get the result positive then consult your doctor.. all the best
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Question: I have missed my periods for 6 days but no sign of pregnancy like fatigue vomiting etc. Worried. Please help
Answer: check strip test urine pregnancy test not every one have fatigue or vomiting during early weeks
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Question: Today is my third day of my periods...when to have intercourse to get pregnancy..
Answer: If your cycle is regular of 28 day then ovulation usually occurs between 10th to 16th day from your period day . So you can try between these days normally ovulation occurs on 14th day of cycle. You can try before, during and day after ovulation as chances of pregnancy are high during ovulation time as it is considered to be more fertile stage.
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Question: My period is about to come today but I have missed it. So is there any chances of pregnancy
Answer: Ya you have chances because first sigh of pregnsncy is missed period only, after one week you have to test it in home if got positive result means cunsult your doctor,if got -ve then also cunsult to your doctor All the best dear
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