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Question: I have missed my period can I assume that I am pregnant

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Answer: Please test pregnancy and Cong. If positive consult doctor for pregnancy care. Stay positive dear and all the best!
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Question: Am i pregnant missed my period s
Answer: Hi dear if you are pregnant or not you need to check that by taking a test of your pregnancy if it has been 6 to 7 days of missing period then you can take a test in home pregnancy test kit and if two pink lines appear on the test strip you are pregnant and you have conceived.. All the best"
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Question: I have missed period my last period is 16 Dec am I pregnant when to check
Answer: Wait for 5-6 days and then go for the test as by that time hcg level will be high
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Question: I missed my period on 15 fed so i have a doubt that is am pregnant or not and what can i do
Answer: Hi dear u should check ur pregnancy with morning urine after 1 week of missed period to get assured if u r pregnant or not
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Question: I missed my period .... which was on 17 th if this month....can i assume that i got pregnant.....i could see only white it possible to bleed during pregnancy....
Answer: Do a home test first by getting the kit.. Bleeding is not common sign if u r pregnant
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