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Question: I have miscarriage on this moth and I want to conceive again but I want to know that when is the best time to conceive again??

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Answer: Consult ur doctor they will tell u. How much gap should be given bassed on ur miscarriage reason.
Answer: Wait for atleast 3 months dear.
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Question: last period was on 31st mar 21 and i used to have regular cycle of 28 days. This time my period got delayed. So,today i took the home pregnancy test and the result is positive. What is the best time to consult doctor for the first time to confim pregnancy again and to do the necessary tests??
Answer: Consult Dr with inna week f confirming pregnancy you can consult doctor within a week but don't take scan before 7 weeks of pregnancy. Maintain light diet and keep yourself hydrated avoid junk food fried food coffee as far as possible. Take care.
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Question: Hello dear, I want to know that is that really heart rate determine the gender?
Answer: Hello dear... this is just a myth that heartbeat can determine the baby gender . In every scan baby heartbeat will be different so this is just a guess
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Question: Hi Everyone, Good Evening I am in my 14th week of pregnancy. I want to know, What is the best sleeping posture at this time of my pregnancy?
Answer: Hello mam It's always a better to sleep on ur left side that baby gets good blood circulation and proper food directly to him and circulation in active way
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