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Question: I have minimal breast milk...baby is on lactodex as advised by the pediatrician when he was born.he is losing weight i think....and very much worried because of that.i am eating foods to increase the breast milk...he is very lazy ti suck my breast too.the milk u have got...im extracting with a syringe...whag could i do more to increase his weight.. please help

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Answer: First few days he will loos weight , it's normal but after 10 days baby should weight gain . If you are not producing sufficient milk baby will not gain weight , u can try formula milk .. formula milk is also good for babies , baby should gain weight otherwise many complications can come . U can some food to increase milk supply , carefully watch your baby's weight ,if he is gaining weight means your milk is sufficient for him if he is not then go for formula milk After every feed burp him.. burping is also important for babies . Foods that help increase your breast milk supply: Oatmeal. . ... Spinach. ... Garlic. ... Fenugreek. ... Eat and Drink More. ... Get More Rest. ... Offer Both Sides When Nursing Try adding these lactation-boosting foods to your diet:
Answer: Same prob I faced in early stage... I ate jeera(cumin seeds ) boil in milk.. Daliya... Or milk products... Eat easy to digest food in evry 2 hr. Or after every feed.. It'll surly work
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Question: my baby is 1 month 9 month but i have no milk he can't breast feeding he eats lactodex so what the cause that i haven't milk
Answer: Hi dear, I'm sorry to hear that you are not able to breastfeeding.you did not mention in your post whether you have been breastfeeding before.and if breast milk has been reduced recently.in such case,you can start relactation.but if from the beginning you have no milk supply,then there could be issue with your hormone levels.prolactin hormone helps in milk production and oxytocin would help in flow of milk through the ducts.now due to any issue may be thyroid gland malfunction or anything else you could have imbalance of those hormones.due to which there would be no milk production.
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Question: Hai i have one month baby...what r the foods that increase breast milk
Answer: oatmeal, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, milk and one cup of curd per day can increase the breast milk
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Question: What are the foods to increase breast milk? My baby is crying always.how could l improve breast milk.plz answer me.
Answer: Take lactare granules powder for increased breast milk dear its suggested by doctor
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