19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have mild pain when i press on right side of my stomach is it normal??

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Answer: Hello dear, the pain you are experiencing is because the uterus is expanding so as to make space for your growing baby...so this is absolutely normal and there's no need to worry...
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Question: I have pain in my right side of low abdomen, is it normal or any caution for it???
Answer: This pain is normal as your pregnancy increasing your baby is also growing so give space to your baby your stomach joint and muscles lossen up that is why you are getting the pain. At this time we should walk more be more active dear . Do your household chores do not sit at one place for long time
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Question: Hi ... I'm 6 weeks pregnant I have mild pain in right lower abdomen..is it normal?
Answer: mild pain and tenderness in lower abdomen which is going on and off is common in early weeks of pregnancy due to hormonal changes. if the feeling is continuous and short you need to inform your doctor , otherwise taking rest can be helpful to get relief.
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Question: Hello I have too much of stomach pain right side of my stomach is this any problem
Answer: Better yo consult doctor as soon as possible dear.
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