10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have migrane. Doctor said if there is headache then I should take paracetamol...but from past 1 week I am having headache and paracetamol is not at all working. What should I do? Please suggest.

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Answer: Dear you try to sit in sun rays daily atleast 10 to 15 mins.. It will definitely work.. And try homoeopathic Medicines
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Question: i am having my next checkup at 25th week...is there any blood test this time ?
Answer: There is no specific blood test at 25th week of pregnancy. every trimester you need to take one the sugar test if its already done in second trimester then nothing needed. You should Confirm from your doctor if you need to take any blood test after anomaly scan.
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Question: I am 9 month pregnant having extreme dry cough. Doctor denied to take medicine what I have to do
Answer: Hi...Drink boiled water always but make it warm while drinking.Ginger juice with honey two teaspoons twice or thrice in a day. Keep ginger small thin slice in mouth when the cough is severe.
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Question: Hi. As i have not got periods yet its been 1 week what should i do to get periods plz suggest me im worried😢
Answer: First of all you should do your pregnancy test tomorrow morning because it seems that you have conceived and if it is not right then eating try to send papaya can help you
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