2 months old baby

Question: I have mailed 3 times to healofy about an issue...i.e. if i save a post... I'm unable to see images when i go back and see the post in my profile section... Could you please respond to my issue?

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Answer: Hi dear. Whenever you save a image it will save in saved section of your profile .. in case if it not visible kindly wait .. they will respond on your issue for sure . Take care
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    adarsh waghray1054 days ago

    It's been a month they haven't responded

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Question: Hi , My Gynaec did an abdominal ultrasound on me when I was 5weeks and 3 days pregnant. He could see a G-sac but no foetal pole or cardiac activity. Is this normal ? When can I see the baby's heartbeat? My next ultrasound is on Monday i.e when I am 6 weeks 6 days .
Answer: Hi dear if the gestational sac is seen it has a great possibility to see the fetal pole soon as your doctor has rightly prescribed you to get a retest done on Monday please go ahead for it I m sure that you will be able to detect the Heartbeat and the fetal Pole will be also seen by that time.. Hope this helps ..
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Question: Can anyone tell me more about GERD. my baby has this... how will she grow... when will this thing go away... i really cant see her vomiting so many times and restless... please give some tips.. please
Answer: Hi dear, happy to help you, GER also known as gastroeosophagal reflux is common in babies upto 3months of age and babies can spit up a little while eating, however GERD ,gastro- eosophagal reflux disorder or acid reflux is something more serious..there is a muscle called eosophagal sphincter muscle that is a valve between the eosophagal and the stomach..as food passes down the eosophagus this muscle relax and allow the food to go into the stomach and the muscle closes. However in some babies this muscle isn't developed so much n might cause the food to be thrown Back into the eosophagus will some stomach acids n cause vomiting..loss in appetite,loss in weight etc..GERD can be treated at home by certain changes in food habits.. give lesser feeds than usual at a time, feeding frequently but not overfeeding,proper burping is very important to cure it.. however if it still persists,go to d doctor..plz mark if it's helpful
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Question: I'm having severe back pain from now itself... I'm unable to sit continuously for an hr in my ofce... Wat can I do any suggestions... ;-)
Answer: Back pain in pregnancy may be a signal of an undiagnosed infection I mean uti Please consult a doctor and get urine examined Drink lot of water juices buttermilk If it's not uti nothing to worry Take support of soft cushions when you sit so that your back feels relaxed Try to walk already for 10 munutes It helps muscles around your back to relax and gives much relief When you sit put your legs on some stool so back does not get more strain Take care
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