17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have low lying placenta what precautions should I have to take...

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Answer: you should take bed rest..
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    DIMPLE SHARMA60 days ago


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Question: I have low lying placenta...what precautions should i take?
Answer: Hello! low lying placenta can move up during the course of pregnancy. You must avoid intercourse and report any case of bleeding to your doctor. In a rare case that placenta does not move up also,  chances of anything bad happening to the baby or mother is very less. Just be careful about episodes of bleeding and please do not have sexual intercourse till you are advised that it is safe to do so.
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Question: i have low lying placenta... what precautions should i take
Answer: Complete rest is desired for a safe and full term delivery
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Question: My placenta is low lying....what precautions should I take?
Answer: Hello dear If ur placenta is near your cervix when you're ready to give birth, it may block your baby's exit route through your vagina snd it is known as low lying placenta or placenta previa. Low lying placenta can anytime cause bleeding. So, precautions should be taken such as: 1. Do only light work 2. Avoid to have Intercourse 3. Take complete rest most of the time 4. Have regular check up to see haemoglobin level But don't worry as risk is very low in low lying placenta as placenta will move upwards as ur pregnancy grows
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Question: I have diagnois wid low lying placenta, what precautions should i take?
Answer: Don't lift more than 1kg Don't lift ant thing on your back.. like bags Don't Bend Don't work continuously.. take rest in between house hold chores too.. Don't walk rapidly.. walk slowly.. Avoid stairs Avoid sex Don't mash dough..with pressure And.. don't do excercise
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