23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have low lying placenta and my baby is also in breech position. Plz suggest me what to do

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Answer: Hello! Please be in complete bed rest. There is nothing you can do about it. Low lying placenta is a complication in pregnancy. Hence proper precautions need to be taken. However, since you are in 28 weeks of pregnancy, chances are there that your baby's position will change to cephalic. But with low lying placenta, there are no chances of normal delivery and you need to go for C-section in that case. Take care
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Question: What is mean breech position low lying placenta
Answer: Bridge position is your baby's position in womb it means that your baby was head up and leg was to which down when is Canvas done and Placenta is a different condition Placenta is a organ that provides being with all the nutrition come oxygen and blood needed to grow well in uterus it places itself in a starting of pregnancy usually on Front wall or back wall of uterus but in very rare cases if plants itself in low in uterus which is a bit sirious condition. Where you will need to take plenty of rest, avoid getting intimate and constipation. If low line Placenta is detected in early pregnancy that there are chances that it will shift up but since this is your 27th week of pregnancy there are very less chance that it will shift to safe place
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Question: Baby is in breech position and I am having low lying placenta...is normal delivery possible?
Answer: Hibecause of low lying placenta normal delivery is not possible also the baby position is breech position because of which the normal delivery cannot be possible and if the baby is in the cephalic position which means the baby is in the head down position so you will have to go in for a C section delivery
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Question: I have antarior low lying placenta what sleeping position good for me? please suggest me
Answer: Sleeping towards left side is a good idea. Also use pillow between legs to give a raise. I too had same. Also little massage in upward direction helps. But keep in mind not to apply any sort of pressure.
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