39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have low lying placenta and doctor said I can do normal delivery. Can i have epidural in low lying placenta which is not covering the cervix.???

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Answer: Dear it simply depend on your pregnancy condition which should be decided by your doctor. Id your Consulting gynecologist allow you to take AP doodle you can go for it only low lying placenta will not cause any problem in taking epidural injection.
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Question: Can i have normal delivery with low lying anterior placenta maturity grade 3
Answer: Dear if low lying placenta covering the cervix, your baby can not be delivered through the vagina, so c section will be recommended.it can also associated with painless, bright red active bleeding sometimes.you might need emergency c section and blood transfusion if excess loss noted.so please be rest and avoid travelling, intercourse and lifting heavy weights.better to follow your doctor instructions.take care
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Question: Hi all, my cervix length is 3.4cms and I have posterior low lying placenta Is everything fine
Answer: Dear, cervix length 3.4cm is very normal.low lying placenta at 16 weeks is bit common in pregnancy as pregnancy grows placenta also moves upwards by the you reaches to term.but better to be very careful in this time.better you should not lift heavy weights, avoid intercourse , not to travel long distances.better not to strain your self.take care
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Question: Can I do little house hold activities? My placenta is low-lying completely covering the internal OS in 11th week
Answer: Dear, in case of low lying placenta stay on bed rest please..as the pregnancy would advance placenta will move upward. Avoid standing and sitting for long..You may also consult with your doctor once.
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