26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have low laying placenta can i traveled two hours of journey

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Answer: I also have this issue my Dr suggested me to keep legs in the level of tummy while sitting
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Question: I have low laying placenta cause any problem
Answer: Generally low laying placenta does not cause any problem. Low-lying placenta, or placenta praevia, is a complication of pregnancy where the placenta that feeds the growing baby is attached to the lower part of the womb near to or covering the cervix. Low-lying placenta may be picked up during a routine 20-week ultrasound scan appointment. In some cases, a placenta that is seen to be low-lying will move upwards later in pregnancy. Any bleeding from placenta praevia at the entrance to the womb in the second half of the pregnancy can be heavy and a risk to the baby and the mother's health. After a low-lying placenta diagnosis, seek medical advice if there's any bleeding during pregnancy. Having a low-lying placenta means it is more likely a caesarean section delivery will be recommended. There are several types of placenta praevia: A low-lying placenta is near the cervical opening but not covering it. It will often move upward in the uterus as your due date approaches. A partial placenta praevia covers part of the cervical opening. A total placenta praevia covers and blocks the cervical opening.
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Question: My 4.5 month is running and I have low laying placenta. Can we have sex.
Answer: Hello...no its not advisable....as The bleeding is usually painless and may occur after sexual intercourse. but intimacy can be achieved by other methods Occasionally, placenta praevia may be suspected later in pregnancy if the baby is found to be lying in an unusual position, for example bottom first (breech) or lying across the womb. you should ask your doctor if sex is okay. It depends on where exactly your placenta is positioned, and how early it is in your pregnancy. In a related condition called placenta previa, sex may lead to complications, like contractions and bleeding. And such complications may trigger an emergency delivery before you or your baby is ready.
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Question: Is it advisable to go office daily takes total 2 hours daily journey if having low laying placenta?
Answer: Hi dear, I won't suggest you to even travel in placenta low lying.it is a risk.you should.be at home atleast.too much travel with such issue could.be quite risky.
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